Ajacks' Landmark Gallery


"Land Marks, Past and Present"

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Home Place

High Wall

Last Chance Saloon

Versailles State
Police Post Dist. #42

Bushing Bridge
Versailles State Park

War Monument
Versailles Square

Versailles Looking North

Versailles at a
Lower Height

High Wall Tree
Versailles, In.

Super Rose
Gas Station
fill up

The Fill Up
Gas Station
My Old Stuff

Old Advertising

Milton Bridge

The Main Drag

View of Oldenburg

Osgood, In.
High bridge

West side of Versailles Square (Cheap John's)


Wye Rest Park Bridge 421 & 50 Versailles. In.

Cooper Falls
Versailles, In.

Ma' Curry's
Versailles, In

Versailles School 1910

Coming soon

 Milan Water Tower
1954 State Champs

Chris Volz Mtrs

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