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Things You Hear At The Track

Anything at anytime can happen here at the Lawrenceburg Speedway, and usually does!

"Hey..." Get your Illustrated Speed-Sport News here!

Speed is money, ...... How fast do you want to go ?

He could run over a quarter in a dust storm.

Cry little kids...They'll buy one.

Hold'er Tight Inside !

Watch the Pipes !


Steeve Kinser in the #11 Valvoline Sprint

Frankie Kerr in a sprint Car #23

Jeff Gordon in a sprint car #16


Don't you love this one
Tommy Dickson


Picture #1 Bob Ludwing 1955 (left) You can see him at Lawrenceburg Speedway.

Picture #2 50's race car at Versailles, Ky.

Picture #3 50's race car

Picture #4 Chet Prat #46 at Versailles, Ky.

Picture #5 The late Pat O'Conner (left) & Chet Pratt (right)

Picture #5A The late Pat O'Conner's trophy room

Picture #5B Another Pat O'Conner trophy image

Picture #6 Unknown driver #71 at Salem Speedway

Picture #7 50's race car

Picture #8 The Elrod, In. Boys (Lowl,Lovel Lee,Ivan,Chet,& You tell me?

Picture #9 #82 at Hill Top Speedway

Picture #10 50's race car

Please E-mail any old photos you may have to me.


Photo of
Jeff Gordon himself

NASCAR (official page)


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Sound #1 Not Working

Sound #2 David Pearson interview .au format (51k)

Sound #3 1997 Brickyard Start Call .wav format (259k)

Sound #4 Jeff Gordon interview .au format (59k)

Sound #5 Lou Meyer wins 3rd 500 in 1936 .wav format (162k)

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