Ajacks' Wav Page


Ajacks' Wav Page

Here are a few wav files, Some I have stolen, most I have made from TV & Radio,
Take as many as you like, enjoy.

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Pres. Bush's Sept. 11th speech (1.5 Meg)

Sausa (New York City) 40k
Adams Family (Theme) 58k
FBI LOG IN Phone Voice (sorry) 42k
COD Order 40k
Plastic Jesus 836k
Consumer Reports 41k
TV Rating 36k
Now that's a knife 171k
FM Radio ID 35k
Kramer 83k
No Service (phone) 42k
Pep Boys (3 best guys on it) 104k
The Day The Earth Stood Still 92k
Sweepstakes 76k
Throbbing Tooth 88k

Out of the Past

Pres.Truman (speech A-bomb) 276k
Apollo 13 124k
Jack Anderson 210k
Andy Devine 144k
Apollo 11 Liftoff 106k
Bob Hope (in Vietnam) 62k
Humphrey Bogart (1) 95k
Humphrey Bogart (2) 84k
Marlon Brando (Stella) 24k
Marlon Brando (been sombody) 45k
Pres. Bush (god bless) 47k
Buster Brown & Tide 203k
Humphrey Boegart (saloon) 39k
Humphrey Bogart (you kid) 16k
TV Show C.H.I.P.S. 67k
Walter Cronkite 195k
Dave Garaway 160k
Marilyn Monroe (diamonds) 118k
Dragnet 260k
Ed Sullivan (Big Show) 16k
Thomas Edison 139k
Pres. Eisenhower (imbark) 67k
FDR Speech 200k
Greta Garbo (be alone) 37k
Arthur Godfrey 63k
Gun Smoke Theme 228k
Paul Harvey (rest of the story) 42k
Humphrey Bogart (Play it again Sam) 121k
Hippo for Christmas 193k
Pres. Kennedy 93k
L.B.J. Speech 83k
Maxwell House Coffee 539k
Red Skelton 104k
Mr.Ed (a horse of course)37k
Oliver Hardy (nice mess) 33k
Pres.Nixon (not a crook) 39k
Outer Limits TV Show 92k
Capt.Midnight (ovaltene) 54k
Hawaiian Punch 82k
Hasbro Commercial (radio) 128k
Pres.Nixon (resign) 95k
TV Show Rifleman 144k
Jim Rockford (phone) 55k
Roy Rogers 78k
Ricky Ricardo 32k
Carl Sagan 154k
Tatoo (da plane)51k
Leave it to Beaver (Wally) 52k
Andy Grifith & Barny 45k
Bob Dole (I just can't win) 9k
Leave it to Beaver (Ward) 33k
Jack Benny 85k
Pres Kennedy (moon speech) 88k
Pres Kennedy (Cuban missle) 163k
Macauther (i shall return) 10k
Babe Ruth 173k
Jack Benny 85k

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