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Recordings from 3910 KHZ *

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N2TBA make the Indiana Traffic Net move off..
N2TBA state that he will be on 3910 all day forever.
W2ENY cry to Hollingsworth about the mean old 9 landers QRMing the Roaches.
Click Here to get off the Crack.
Click Here to hear my Holliday wishes from the Roaches.
The Roaches have a love for Kokomo, Indiana
After the Roaches QRM the net, they talk about Kokomo and give their call signs, (not to smart is it Hollingsworth)
KZ1J tells us how we should conduct the ITN.
A few more great coments about WB9OTX, they love me.
Jack & his Indianer LID Buddies
This is a 140k WAV file that just about sums up the Roches.

* The Indiana Traffic Net has been meeting at 1330 & 2300 Z on 3910 & 3940 Khz for more than 40 years, but now the ITN is infested with Roaches.

See how Technology has evolved

Scanner Files

Download Southeastern Indiana - Southwestern Ohio Scanformation. This file is in Acrobat PDF format and has about 40 pages of frequencies. (170K) You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from here if you need it to view the file.

Go to - North Florida Scanning

Go to - IndyScan (Indiana Scanner Freqs)

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Ham Radio Pages

KA9FOX - web site for Contesters and DXers - QSL info, contest rules, records, scores, calendars, DX bulletins, DXpedition photos,
info on related mailing lists, info about towers, antennas, radios, software.

KB4MHH - Todd L. Sherman - Frequency lists, GPD and Alachua Co. codes and signals, pointers to other sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.


N9YTE - Edward J. Delp

N9SFW - John Reid - Rail & Radio

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Commercial Sites


Go to - Ham Radio Outlet (Dealer)

Go to - Radio City (Dealer)

Go to - Radio Shack

Go to - Kenwood

Go to - Alinco

Go to - Motorola

Go to - Uniden

Go to - Scan*Star Windows & DOS Scanner Software

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Go to - QRZ Ham Radio CD-ROM & Online callbook

Go to - Buckmaster CD & Online callbook


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